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June 22, 2011
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Setting Off by Jetfreak-7 Setting Off by Jetfreak-7
I finally had the free time today to whip up a fresh render just for kicks. Here's another one featuring Galen's Legacy Class starship. One of the challenges in using the preset in-game settings is getting the lighting setup just right. I find it funny how the usual naysayer would blindly criticize me out of sheer boredom. "You can't do that, the ship's too good for you.", "You're way out of your league" Oh please, get over yourselves!

They're basically cop-out responses against what I do. Just because my choice of things is part of a "lesser" echelon, I'm automatically hindered by certain limitations. Still, it's such a pleasure to prove them wrong. Once I surprise those sick bastards with a finished render, they silently crawl back to their decrepit standards and wonder. "How the hell does he do that?"

That said, I'm pretty happy how this simple image turned out. This is also one of my forays into applying Depth of Field, to show a distance between the BG elements and the main subject. The composition is also a homage to the first Trek film, where the refitted ship leaves drydock.

Rendered with the Storm3d Game Engine
Composition by Jetfreak
Stocks by :iconbloknayrb: and :iconfreelancah:
Legacy Class design by :icongalen82:, mesh by :iconbankruptstudios: and textures by Jb06
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